Monday, October 18, 2010

Guest Blog Post #1

This week's first guest blogger is @1BlondeWonder, as she is known on the Twitters. She has decided to post on a topic I gave to those who were wondering what to blog about; what does Twitter mean to you? She's a lot of fun and I recommend you Follow her immediately:


Twitter means different things to different people. I joined twitter to help take my mind off of a breakup. I needed the distraction, it didn’t make me feel better but it sure kept me occupied. It was strange at first, figuring it all out but it didn’t take long to learn the rules, there really aren’t any. I was fascinated by all these people who were somewhere in the world conversing at the same place and at the same time.

My first twitter friend was April. Even over the internet waves I knew I liked her, cyber chemistry. It wasn’t long before other friends came along. How do you explain twitter to someone who’s never heard of it or ever tried it? It’s a way to connect even when you feel disconnected. They can’t understand how relationships can form, but they do. There are many people who I have met who I would love to meet in real life. I know of several people whose relationships have carried over into the real (outside) world. There’s someone for everyone on twitter, to agree or disagree.

How many celebrities have I talked to? It’s crazy! How else could that ever happen, communicating in real time talking to them about whatever? It doesn’t. It’s a whole new way to connect and you either get it or you don’t. It has opened up a whole new world for me, a place to go when you feel isolated, a place to chat, share ideas, and expand your views. Incredible.


  1. I have met some AWESOME twitter friends and had the pleasure to meet some of them in real life! I even offered to come meet Rob, but he threatened to have me arrested for stalking. I bet if I had Sonic tater tots he'd change his mind...

  2. That explains twitter exactly. Very well done. :)

  3. What you said. All of it. Yes.

  4. So true about the people one comes across through twitter. Some come and go. Some hang around and communicate rarely. Then there are the people who one finds who will become life long friends.

    It can be terribly depressing, and crazily exciting within a few minute, if it's allowed to take those directions.

    Twitter has it all. Too much, really.

    Glad it also has you, Faye. (You as well, SuperRob)