Monday, May 3, 2010

What Would Jesus Be Arrested For?

Much has been made of Arizona's State Law regarding illegal immigration, and its supposed racist undertones. I was amused to find a blog post, to use the loosest terms, regarding the thought that Jesus, were He to have occasion to walk around Arizona today, would find Himself in the back seat of a State Trooper's Cruiser. I thought this to be a piece of fluff however there are those who think this is some mighty deep commentary and cross their arms and sport a smug smile as if, ha HA, well now THAT has been settled, when, truth be told, their ignorant and misplaced analogy simply shows them to be silly at best, and stupid at worst. Below is the poster the blog post references:

The contention is that Jesus looks like an immigrant and would, therefore, be arrested. This is in direct opposition to the Law as written. Police may not pull over or contact any person for looking a certain way. Another violation must be suspected and then and only then may proper identification as a U.S. citizen be asked for.

Jesus would not break the law and would therefore have any papers necessary to be in the country legally. The U.S. border laws are necessary and anyone in the country illegally has committed a crime. Arizona's decision to actually enforce these laws is therefore practical and necessary. Those inserting Jesus Christ into the argument show their ignorance in both how the Son of God operates and how illegal immigration is crippling the economy of the U.S., border states especially.

The post also characterizes the law as "racist" yet no proof is given, in terms of numbers or raw data: typical of an author or authors who only seek to titillate and not educate. The site DOES, however, make yet another claim to scripture, providing a link to another "blog post" wherein Leviticus 19:33-34 is cited and again the smug countenance of the ignoramuses is implied. The verses state as follows:

When an alien lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him. The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt.

Typical of those who skim the Bible and interpret it to their own purposes, the verses quoted have a different meaning than the authors perhaps intended.

In this instance the word, "alien", or, stranger, is synonymous with the word "ger", which is a term for a non-Jewish person wishing to convert to Judaism. Therefore, from the start, an illegal immigrant being compared to a stranger (ger) is incorrect. A ger wishes to become converted, and when he comes to "live with you" he is taking upon him the laws of the land, unlike the illegal immigrant. A ger must not be mistreated and once converted "living with you" he is to be treated as one of you, as the Naturalization Process that immigrants who wish to abide here legally must do. So we see that the point being made by those who want the Laws regarding Immigration ignored has no basis in the scripture being quoted and, if you ask me, makes the opposite point.

Those concocting this abysmal failure of an analogy should not feel as if they have made a great point but rather that they have revealed their ignorance of both the Law as written and theology 101. I urge them to read the Law. It is not long. It makes sense. And it is far more fun to debate someone who has actually brought some intelligence to the table rather than toss off ineffective analogies that others can see through very easily.