Monday, February 16, 2009

Joe R. Lansdale, "Surveillance"


"The only place he had found any privacy was under the covers. He could pick his nose there."

I LOVED this story. Come to the rooftops with me and urge people to read this one. What would happen if cameras were EVERYWHERE, even your bathroom, monitored by those who think they have your best intersts at heart? I'm not a paranoid freak, but I have seen throughout my life the trend towards State Monitoring. Have you noticed the cameras at busy intersections? Congresshumans wanting to legislate our fat intake? Cops pulling you over because you aren't wearing a seatbelt, and, here in California, you cannot cell phone and drive!! How is that different from talking to a passenger in your car?!?!?

Lansdale hit a nerve with this one. Why NOT observe the citizenry with the "objective" of "helping" them live better lives? The protagonist is in the future, however it isn't a very FAR future, trust me. It's short. Read it!


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