Saturday, January 3, 2009

John McDermott, "Passwords"

A cubicle drone has to deal with that annoying "change your password" message in a creative way.

"He wished he could karate chop his monitor, a swift open hand right down the center. The glass would blow out, the gray casing would crack, open like a shotgun wound, the wires and boards tumble out like so many high-tech intestines."

McDermott takes on that annoying message from your company's security people who think changing your passwords every so often helps them more than it annoys you. He then goes on to extrapolate how accomplishing this task may alter the path of his life. I liked the work atmosphere and thought McDermott painted a cubicle drone's existence accurately.

What does the final password he typed in really mean? Could be some significance here that I fail to grasp in my diseased pain haze at the moment but I recommend you take a crack at it. 8/10.

Read it here.

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